SOURCE is a Content Marketing Agency that amplifies content for brands to connect with their consumer base and business-to-business target market with strategic content.

  • Content Strategy: Content Audit; Media Scope; Content Marketing Strategy.
  • Earned Media: Writing; Media Liaison; Social Media Content.
  • Owned Media: Custom Magazines (online and print), Newsletters, Websites, Social Media platforms.
  • Newsroom: We are your brand’s newsroom – crafting, capturing, publishing and implementing all your content needs.

Content Marketing is an essential cog in the marketing toolbox, as business needs to find creative ways to build brand loyalty and market products and services to customers in an increasing digitally-driven marketplace, saturated with advertising across all channels.


With over 20 years’ experience in mainstream consumer and B2B media, communications and digital marketing, SOURCE has represented clients in the media, marketing, communications and advertising industry; as well as civil society, producing content, publicity and publishing solutions to suit every budget and project.

Our team includes editorial, sales, digital publishing, public relations and social media skills.

‘Tell your own story and you will be interesting.’ –- L Bourgeois





9 Africa Trends for 2019

9 Africa Trends for 2019

Africa Rising, Afrofuturism, Afro-optimism... These are all words we've heard bandied about for several years now as the ascension of the African Continent to its rightful place on the global stage has begun. Fuelled by economic growth, a rising middle class,...

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We need to believe in African mermaids

We need to believe in African mermaids

Growing up, highly-awarded Kenyan filmmaker, Wanuri Kahiu, had never seen films that portrayed Africans in love. Kahiu wants to change the narrative on Africa - for the rest of the world and for Africa. Why should we only speak about war, poverty, pain? She wants...

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Design Indaba puts Afrofuturism on the map

Design Indaba puts Afrofuturism on the map

By Louise Marsland Afrofuturism. It’s a word you will be hearing about a lot in connection with the economic rise of the continent of Africa, Africa’s increasing cultural impact on the world, and the new generation of political leaders that are bringing hope to the...

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